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The PostureDoc™ Pillow


The doctor-developed PostureDoc™ neck pillow is the only pillow that comfortably supports ideal sleep posture for a deeply restful night and pain-free day.

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Clinically tested, the PostureDocTM neck pillow is the only pillow on the market that delivers unprecedented support and superior comfort.

More supportive than memory foam pillows and more comfortable than air and water pillows, the PostureDoc™ neck pillow:

  • eases neck, back and shoulder pain
  • relieves pressure to the ear and jaw (ideal for TMJ sufferers)
  • Reduces snoring and helps alleviate sleep apnea by keeping breathing passages unobstructed
  • helps prevent degenerative changes in the spine
  • Easily adjusts to maintain the optimal spinal alignment for your body
  • Provides more support than 100% memory foam pillows and more comfort than air and water pillows
  • May help prevent degenerative changes in the spine, retraining the body to sleep in its ideal position for an optimal night’s sleep

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